seven-day feast in anita flow

January 16th is International Croquette Day, a season to claim and innovate one of the most
important tapas in the Spanish gastronomic catalogue. And what are we going to do about it? Well, we are going to celebrate it with you.

We’re back to normal now, and although I know it’s a drag to get back to work, I’ll try to make it easier on the plan we’re working on for croquette lovers. Which I hope you all are.

I can’t tell you exactly the origin of 16th of January as the chosen day, but it does have a certain reputation in Pamplona or San Sebastian and, as we are so hype by the croquettes, we want to do our bit.

Here’s the thing: from the 16th to the 23rd we will cook an affordable but deliriously good menu with 4 exclusive croquettes that week.

We have taken out 4 variants with 4 different approaches that complement each other perfectly.

On the outside all crunchy and tasty, inside a creamy filling to melt your brain:

– Chicken a l’ast with piparras mayonnaise, for those who are in the mood for classic and courageous flavours.
– Ham with truffle cream, a luxurious bombproof trump card.
– Spider crab with tartar sauce, a mix of high contrast and marine flavors.
– Ceps with smoked aioli, a personal bet because my favourite croquettes are the mushrooms ones and this one reaches an even deeper tone thanks to the garlic and the smoked aroma.

The croquette tasting menu includes all 4 flavours for 5 euros or 6.5 euros if you accompany it with a beer and will be available from Thursday 16th to 23rd.

Moreover, the day of the croquette coincides with the opening of the new expo del Patio, this time by the artist Javier Pacheco  and as it falls on Thursday you can also enjoy the afterwork menu with a price also unbeatable.

Or, in advance, the greatest croquette expert on Instagram will be coming to try out everything we
have prepared. Doña Croqueta has her eye on us and we do not think to disappoint.

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