I love to make things happen and impulse art at Anita Flow’s Patio. Those who have visited us recently have already seen it: we have a welcoming and warm space filled with plants, neons and the artwork of emerging local artists.

In December we are exhibiting the third collection of this season after an autumn dedicated to the creativity and talent of Ana Clereci & Bruno Ciancio. Now, we introduce the realistic and juxtaposed works of Elisa Ancori, wild and bold as few artists, which will be available until January 4. In parallel to our Sunday Brunch ’n Market, the art expos complete the cultural program of our cultural Patio.

By now you will know that curiosity for any form of inspiration governs my life. It also governs the project that we have set out to develop with the restaurant, from the kitchen to the cultural content.

Our doors are open to any local artist whose talent fits in the space and concept our walls. We want you by our side to transcend the reality of our restaurant and establish ourselves as a cultural focus in the neighborhood.

Follow in the footsteps of artists such as Bruno Ciancio, Ana Clereci or Elisa Ancori and tell us about your artwork. We are delighted to provide a space to your young creatives for them to be discovered by hundreds of diners as curious souls like me.

Fill out the form below with your value proposition, your portfolio and also tell me why you want to exhibit at Anita Flow.

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