One more year we are the reference group when it comes to demanding changes in society. What began with a standstill just two years ago is now an unstoppable movement. From here I encourage you to continue fighting proudly and, as recognition, I want to give you the word in the toast that we will do this 8M.

We have proven a thousand times already that we know how to assert our ovaries. Anita Flow is a showcase for daily situations that demonstrate this so, with 8M creeping closer, I want to share my pride and love for all womanhood.

There’s a lot of ugly things going on in the world right now, but as a collective we’re catching up. We are the barrier against the retrograde waves that are coming our way and we thought we had overcome them.

I love you guys so much, I really do. With your example, you get me to believe a little more in humanity. So now, please allow me to explain you why.

Girls, in case they don’t usually tell you:

Every day we are more open and brave. We proved that recently at the first Speed Date. Who would have thought that boys were so shy in comparison with us. It was an event to socialize, to get to know each other. Not to get nervous. But there you were, determined and resourceful girls who broke all the taboos about gallantry and dedicated yourselves to the goal of having a great time (and you did).

Besides, we’re real hard workers. In Anita I see many of you struggling to get projects off the ground. Some of you even invite us to be part of them, like Olivia Rose with her Kloset Sale initiative or all the fantastic creators who come to the design market where almost all the participants are women.

The exhibitions we have set up in the Patio show that we are also art, and good art. Just look at the works of Elisa Ancori and Anne Clerici.

At Anita, you are also the heart and brain of the team in gastronomy and hospitality. Tou take steps of progress and break down walls. My dearest María Paturle, chef in our kitchen, and Natalia Lapelosa, unbeatable manager, occupy positions that until recently used to be men’s business.

So, as I said above, we feel like doing something special for you. It is not easy to find something for a day like 8M that does not interfere with the mobilizations but, we have given it a lot of thought, and I think we have reached something very original: we are going to give you power of decision on Anita’s menu and you are going to be the ones who will choose what to drink on Women’s Day.

I have prepared a survey for you to say what combinations and drinks we will serve next Sunday when, after a day of demands and with all the excitement, you feel like celebrating in a more casual way all that we are achieving.


With this I say goodbye until the next post, but not before wishing an empowering 8M to all of you.

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