Letter to the Three Kings

The last weeks we have been living in a roller coaster, ups and downs everywhere. But guys, the most important thing is to keep it up and be positive! For now, we have to stay home, so I tell you, let’s make a to-do list of all the things we want to do once all this situation is over!

There’s been a few weeks since the quarantine started, as many of you, I also needed time to understand, accept the situation and to find some peace (you do know that I’m very chaotic and can’t stop moving… it’s been a challenge…).

I already cleaned every corner of my house, organized all my books by alphabetical order, also put all the vinyl discs together in a nice shelf… I’ve seen movies… lots of movies, also series (almost all of them)… I organized my closet, all the items by color and type of piece… (you’d say I’m crazy, and yes.. I am haha). I’ve made a thousand recipes, and guess what? I’M BRINGING NEW DISHES TO ANITA, all new addings are finger licking good!!!

However, I won’t tell you what I’ve been doing all these days, because we’ve done pretty much the same (ishhh), but I do want to share all the things I asked to The Three wise men… Yes, I did write a letter in the middle of march/april… why not? World’s crazy! So here you go:

  1. I’m making uncountable croquettes, many of them! Croquettes + beers at Anita Flow:

Think about it… big terrace, sun shining… chicken croquettes + beers + friends = HELL YEAH! BEST PLAN EVER!

2. To my friends that have been spending all these days alone… DO NOT WORRY! I may know how you feel and that’s why the SPEED DATE IS COMING BACK, STRONGER THAN EVER! We’ll find a way, even online, we’ll see! (Obviously when all this situation is over).

3. After all the things I’ve eaten, I’m forcing myself to do intense HIIT trainings with my dear friend @Oliviarosebcn, also something called XT29 with the master Jose @expositoxt29. (Guys please explain better before I start working out with you, I know it’s going to hurt) Are you up for it? Come on 😉

4. I can’t wait to visit all the markets and flea markets… As I won’t miss one of them ever again, I’m also organising a fantastic BRUNCH AND MARKET one Sunday at month in Anita Flow!! You can’t miss it, you won’t miss it 😉

5. I know some of you have gained a few extra pounds (just like me…), the lucky ones have lost a few pounds… the reality is that something must be done… the obvious diets, work outs, sports… I do have another idea… I’m calling all my fashion expert friends to bring the coolest, cheapest and second hand clothes to update our closets! What about a Kloset Sale part II 😉 ??

6. I do promise to place bookshelves in Anita Flow, so we can exchange books and boredom won’t knock at your door ever again! I have a few friends with their eyes exhausted from the kindles and so, I think it is an opportunity to get back to the origins.

7. I also want you to enjoy the beach… to inhale pure air and getting a lovely tan! That’s why I’m planning something for you with my allies 😉

8. You do know that I LOVE GIVEAWAYS, so.. let’s start step by step, no hurry! what about a dinner for two? I’ll take it to your place so you stay safe and sound!

9. Have you seen my motorbike at Anita’s? Well, I’ve been thinking that I want a change… something different.. maybe the color, or a new design, I don’t know… the only thing I know is that I want a CHANGE! Any advice, anyone?

Friends, super creative friends, what do you think? @muchando_redondo, @anne.arte, @javiergpacheco, @elisaancori, @analia_hertz, @yaciartesvisuales, @bruno_ciancio

10. Last but not least, my birthday is coming!! It’s in May, but as you can see I’m pretty excited! I want to have a big party with all of you guys, so while the right time to celebrate it arrives, GIVE ME IDEAS!!! What would you like?

So, these are the 10 little things I asked to The Three Wise Men, I hope my wishes come true, soon. But, for now… I’m the happiest person if I get to know you, so DM me on Instagram. I’m always here, ready to say hi!

Big hug to y’all!

PD: I’ll be posting my new dishes pretty soon, stay tuned!

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