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The present General Conditions regulate the acquisition of the products offered at the website and at the Apps’s, of which is to title COOL PARTNERS, S.L. (onwards, GRUPO PANTEA).

The acquisition of any one of the products comports the full acceptance and without reservation of all and each of the General Conditions that signify , without damage of the acceptance of the Particular Conditions that could applicable being at acquiring determinate products.

These General Conditions will be able to be modified without previous notification, therefore, is recommended to read attentively his content before behaviour at the acquisition of any one of the products offered. 




GRUPO PANTEA, at fulfillment of the Law 34/2002, of 11 of July, of Products of the Society of the Information and of Electronic Trade, informs it that:

– His social denomination is: COOL PARTNERS, S.L.

– His trade name is: GRUPO PANTEA

– His CIF is: B67320085

– His social domicile is at: C/ Ramon Turro, n.º 186, 08005 Barcelona



To communicate with us, pose at his different willingness modes of contact that detail at continuation:

– Tel: 933091291


All the notifications and communications among the users and GRUPO PANTEA will consider effective, with general character, when realise through any mode of the detailed anteriorly.




The products offered, together with the principal characteristics of the same and his price appear at screen.

GRUPO PANTEA Reserves the right to decide, at each moment, the products and/or products that offer at the Customers. In this way, GRUPO PANTEA will be able to, anytime, append new products and/or products at the offered at present. Likewise, GRUPO PANTEA reserves the right at removing or let to offer, anytime, and without prior notice, any one of the products offered.

A time in, and to access at the contracting of the different products, the User will have to track all the instructions signified in the process of purchase, which thing will suppose the reading and acceptance of all the general and particular conditions fixed at



GRUPO PANTEA aims to guarantee the availability of all the products that are advertised through However, in the event that any requested product is not available or if it has been sold out, the customer will be informed, through the means provided by the customer as soon as possible.

If the product is not available, and the consumer having been informed, GRUPO PANTEA may supply a product with similar characteristics without increasing the price, in which case, the consumer may accept or reject it, exercising his right of withdrawal and termination of the contract.

In case of unavailability of all or part of the order, and the rejection of the replacement products by the customer, the refund previously paid, will be made by transfer.




To make any purchase at, the customer must be of legal age.

In addition, the client will need to register at through a data collection form in which GRUPO PANTEA is provided with the necessary information for the contract; data that in any case will be truthful, accurate and complete about their identity and that the client must expressly consent to by accepting the GRUPO PANTEA privacy policy.

Likewise, it is recommended that the client print and / or keep a durable copy of the conditions of sale when placing their order, as well as the receipt receipt sent by GRUPO PANTEA by email.


Along with your order, you will receive the corresponding invoice.

To this end, the client consents that said invoice be sent to him in electronic format, if requested in this way. The client will receive it by email, in PDF format. You can, at any time, revoke this consent by sending email: to receive the paper invoice.




The order will be delivered to the address designated by the client at the time of contracting according to the chosen modality.



The prices of the products that collect at eu will come expressed at Euros removed that it express the opposite and will be guaranteed during the time of validity of these, except error of impression and was how was the destination of the request.

– The products have the VAT included.

– The type of VAT is of the 10%.


The final prices of all the products, beside his characteristics, the offers, discounts, etc. reflect at each of the products that offer at

GRUPO PANTEA is not responsible for any damages or losses that may occur to such USER, result of failures or disconnections in the telecommunications networks and that cause suspensión, cancellation or interruption of the service of during the delivery of the same.



We make these forms of payment available to you:

a. By credit or debit card

You can make the payment immediately through the secure payment gateway SSL of our Bank. If it is necessary to make any return or cancellation of the order, the amount will be refunded through the same payment card.















To realise any purchase at is necessary that the customer was elder of age.

Besides, it will be necessary that the customer register at or at the App through a form of collection of data at which provide at GRUPO PANTEA the necessary information for the contracting; data that in any case will be truthful, exact and complete on his identity and that the customer will have to consent expressly by means of the acceptance of the politics of privacy of GRUPO PANTEA.

The steps at tracking to realise the purchase are:

1. It registered as a user at the web.

2. Fill Out Payment Gateway form.

Likewise, is recommended that the customer print and/or save a copy at durable support of the conditions of sale at realising his request, as well as also of the checking of reception routed by GRUPO PANTEA for e-mail.


Together with his request, will get the corresponding bill.

At this effect, the customer consents that this bill remit him at electronic format. The customer will get it for e-mail. It Will be able to, anytime, revoke this consent routing e-mail: to get the bill at paper.


a. By card paymentDebit or credit Visa card charge. The entire payment system is made through the TPV (point of Sale Terminal).


GRUPO PANTEA will not assume any kind of banking commission, therefore you must make sure that the amount transferred to the Burman account coincides with the amount of the order.



According to the regulations, the consumer and user will have the right to WITHDRAW the contract for a maximum period of 14 calendar days without the need to indicate the reason and without incurring any costs, except those provided for in art. 107.2 and 108 of RD1 / 2007, of November 16, by which the referred text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users is approved.

This right of withdrawal is not applicable, among others, to:

– Contracts for the supply of goods whose price is subject to fluctuations in financial market coefficients that the entrepreneur cannot control.

– Contracts for the supply of products made according to the specifications of the consumer and user or, clearly personalized, or that by their nature cannot be returned or may deteriorate or expire quickly.

– Supply of sealed goods that cannot be returned for health or hygiene reasons.

– Supply of goods that after delivery have been mixed with others.

– Supply of perishable products.


The client will have a maximum period of 14 calendar days from the day of receipt of the good or product requested to inform GRUPO PANTEA about his desire to withdraw from the contract.

The withdrawal implies that GRUPO PANTEA will return the amount already paid by the customer within a maximum period of 14 calendar days, following the same procedure chosen by the customer for payment (provided that the product purchased is not within the exceptions noted above).

During this period, the consumer will notify the employer of his decision to withdraw from the contract by filling out the form at the end of this document and sending it to the email address of

GRUPO PANTEA will communicate to the consumer in a durable medium an acknowledgment of receipt of said withdrawal.

To return a product it is essential that it is in perfect condition and with its corresponding original packaging, with all its accessories and without having been used.

Once we receive your request we will contact the customer to indicate the details of the return.

The employer will bear the costs of returning the goods.


Consumable products, deficiencies caused by improper use or manipulation, connection to the electrical network other than that indicated, incorrect installation or defects derived from any external cause are excluded from the guarantees

.In products of a durable nature, the consumer shall be entitled to adequate technical service and to the existence of spare parts for a minimum of 5 years from the date the product ceases to be manufactured, without the price of the spare parts being increased when applied in repairs.

To find out the steps that must be followed in the event of problems or failures in a product, you can contact:

– With the GRUPO PANTEA Customer Service on the phone number 933091291

To avoid problems with the installation or handling of the purchased product, make sure that you have followed the installation and operating instructions contained in the user manuals.


Collection and shipping costs on account of the client.



To interpose any complaint or reclamation in front of GRUPO PANTEA the customer will have to direct at the department of attention at the customer well at the number of telephone 933091291, well through the address of e-mail

According to the Resolution of online litigations at matter of consumption of the EU and conform at the Art. 14.1 of the Regulation (EU) 524/2013, inform it that the European Commission facilitates at all the consumers a platform of resolution of online litigations that finds available at the following link:



The present conditions will govern for the valid Spanish legislation.

The language utilised will be the Spanish.

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