I’ve always wanted to make a menu that can be paid with the smallest bill. A complete combo to drink and eat that costs 5 euros and nothing more. And finally, we have done it.

We have just launched those combos and we have designed them especially for the laziest hours of the week: Thursday’s afterwork. With an unbeatable price and flavour that will make you fall on your ass.

I like to think of afterwork as the snack of the adult world. A moment to forget about work, gossip and replenish the burned energy. For me, that is synonymous with tapeo y copeo. So I created these combos thinking of 3 fundamental snack keys.

My afterwork is a cheap, easy to eat and very tasty dish.

That is why we decided for tacos, croquettes, choripanes, frankfurts, and gyozas. Tapas to eat with your hands, ideal to share (if you want) and with a variety of boredom proof flavours. Postcards that refer to Mexico, Spain, Argentina, Germany and China. You know, for me, traveling is the best.

So, now you know! If you want a funky, tasty and affordable afterworks in the city, 5 euros is enough. Tapas with international vocation with a half pint or glass of wine every Thursday from 6pm to 9pm.

In addition, if you come with thirst, during those 3 hours we serve canes at € 1.50, wines at € 2 and for the boldest, gin tonics at € 5. This is the postcard we have created thinking about the oldschool neighborhood bars, where regulars are taken care of very, very well.

This afterwork feeds, entertains and, surely, makes you arrive home already eaten (and maybe a little bit tipsy).

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