Querido diario... Tostadas, huevos y diseño | Anita Flow Barcelona


Today I want to make a call to all the artists in Barcelona. If you wanna mix art, cuisine and local street spirit, we gotta talk.
In Anita Flow There’s a scooter parked at the end of El callejón, our dining room with cobblestone floors of the Eixample. It is a small Vespa to which I have an infinite affection and that serves to remind me that, sometimes, you have to leave everything and go out in search of adventures. But this motorcycle needs a life injection. Something that makes it even more authentic. This is where you come in. If you are an artist or creator and you want idea to be part of our project and be seen by hundreds of people in a space where gastronomy and style are integrated, you will absolutely love this. I want the motorcycle to bloom with urban art, that is why I need to find the right artist to make it happen. The winner will be in charge of:

  • Intervene a classic object and the wall from where it sprouts from.
  • Having a permanent exhibition in Anita Flow.
  • In addition, a credit of 150 euros will be taken for the restaurant.
  • And the intervention costs will be covered by us.

You can subscribe your project/idea from November 13 to December 30 (both included). Send me your proposals and by the end of this period we’ll select the project that best fits Anita Flow’s… flow. Be original, shameless and vibrant. I count on you to turn my beloved Vespa into a street art installation.