Dear notebook... A tasting dinner | Anita Flow Barcelona

A tasting dinner that gave a lot to talk about

This was the private evening in which several gastronomic specialists in the city were able to try some of the best entries in our menu.

Life gives us amazing moments, As the opportunity to share, with authentic militants of good food, the creations of our kitchen. These moments give me a very special energy and prove that my way of understanding gastronomy feeds the spirit.

On September the 9th, I made a Rendezvous for some of the most active culinary journalists in Barcelona so they could experience our menu. The best way is to live it by yourself, I know, but I have to explain you, was because it couldn’t go better.The tasting had a bit of everything. From fish and chips with green accompaniments to our “Patatas arrugás”, there was a shortage of surprise desserts and delicious veggie options.

But there were two dishes that took the leading role: chicken a l’ast and the mezze platter. Attendees made it very clear that these were the favorites of the night.

The platter is a collection of Arabic creams for dipping and spreading. Radically vegetarian and with a unique intensity and variety of flavors. The dish combines muhammara, beet hummus and baba ganoush with some accompaniments of feta cheese, olives and roasted vegetables. For me, a healthy and centennial version of the dips that are so successful today.

the other protagonist, who was sitting there and generated shock, was the chicken a l’ast. No doubtWhen I decided to introduce the classic chicken of Barcelona in the menu, I wanted to reinvent it as much as possible and the result was a presentation that leaves no one indifferent: an entire chicken appears erect on the plate with an aromatic garnish of roasted tubers. It was great to see that we had managed to give it that twist we were looking for.

I said it at the beginning, these experiences give me life and are key to my kitchen. Seeing our guests enjoying each and every one of the proposals is a satisfaction for the entire Anita Flow team. That is why I would like to thank the guests with all my heart for their time and their palate: Laia Atúnez, Marc Orozco and Xènia Roset, Anna Torrents, Laura Conde, Daniel Arbós and Laura Morales, it was a great pleasure to meet you.

But this has only just begun. Many more unforgettable evenings and flavors to share are on the horizon. we keep in touch.